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(un)Compostable Lid Book Collar (2024)

Compostable Hot Cup Lids, acrylic yarn, 42 days.


Combining my love of gardening, environment, artist books, and fashion, I collected 42 compostable hot cup lids, wrote the number of days that the lid would be in the soil, and buried them all at once. Everyday, I would dig one out for 42 consecutive days. These compostable hot cup lids are made out of #7 PLA or Polylactic Acid, which can only composted under specific conditions and most of them end up in the landfill because many cities do not have adequate composting facilities that are equipped to handle #7 PLA. 

Through my observation, there were barely any degradation of the so-called compostable hot cup lids during the entire duration of 42 days in a normal soil.

The compostable hot cup lids that were collected over the 42 days were then crocheted together to form a spine that represents a timeline, in a form of a book, as well as a collar that can be adorned around one’s neck, a literal symbolic imagery of how #7 PLA is choking the living beings on Earth.

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