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Ever since I was young, I have always sensed and felt spirits around me. Although it would sometimes freak me out a bit, seeing dead people walking around, I never felt weird, largely thanks to my supportive parents. As I became older, my senses heightened and began reading for close friends. Not quite understanding how this communicating-with-the-dead thing worked, I took mediumship classes and read books to better understand the ways they communicated and decipher the impressions and messages that the spirits were trying to relay. Applying the knowledge that I acquired through these experiences and seeing how much comfort my readings brought to individuals through my ability to connect with departed loved ones, I decided I wanted to help more individuals.  


Utilizing my clairvoyant (clear seeing), clairaudient (clear hearing), and clairsentient (clear sensing) abilities in my reading, I am able to directly connect with your loved ones who have departed and validate myriad of information such as their personalities, specific dates (birthdays, anniversaries), inexplicable occurrences, etc. 

The purpose of a reading with me is not to make you believe in ghosts or to scare you in anyway. Rather, through validations, I hope to initiate the healing process of the loss of your loved ones, making tomorrow a little bit easier than today.  

For every reading that I do, I only allow messages of the highest good and to give messages most needed at the time of the reading. Therefore, spirits that you have not expected may suddenly pop in to say, "Hello!" and deliver messages that you currently "need," and not necessarily something you "want" to hear from a reading.

Contact me today and begin healing.

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