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Save the Date! We Are Destroying Ourselves: A Dance Wrecking Jan 12-14

There will be a dance wrecking at the Odyssey Theater, January 12-14, 2024. I will personally only be wrecking on January 12 and the other two nights are going to be wrecked by two other amazing artists!

You can find more information on the artists involved and buy tickets through the link below!

The project is a dancework for the stage, an open choreographic process, and a bodily conversation about race and legacy in American Modern Dance. It asks can destruction be a form of care?

In Los Angeles, they will share three different works on three different days joined by wreckers Alfonso Cervera, Melanie Rios Glaser, and Shoji Yamasaki. 

Photo by Rachel Keane

Since 2020, Rebecca Pappas and her collaborators have been developing My Body as the Topic Coming Around Againa three-volume dance that unravels the tangled threads of white womanhood and American modern dance. In We are destroying ourselves they invite one artist to publicly “wreck” (redo/unmake/remake/change/destroy) a 20-minute volume of the work.  This process of choreographic feedback and conversation comes from artist Susan Rethorst. Embedded in the invitation to wreck these dances is a call to work collaboratively to disrupt patterns and legacies of colonization and white supremacy in dance. 

You can learn more about the project here and I hope to see you then! 

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