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Connecting with Spirit. Validating information. Healing messages. 

Let the healing process begin today.

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Communicating with the dead.

Feeling and talking to Spirits was an everyday occurrence since childhood. As my senses intensified with age, I knew it was not something that I was able to change or block.

I finally decided to utilize my gift to help and heal my clients through validations and messages from Spirits.
My focus is to initiate the healing process of the loss of your loved ones and have the clients recognize the loving signs from Spirits that surround us.


"If you want the real deal, I totally and completely recommend Shoji!!!"

—  Brandy C.



You + Me + Spirits


Connecting with your loved ones, including animals, through various validations and giving healing messages from Spirits on the other side. 


Family/Friends + Me + Spirits


The process is the same as a private reading but with more people! Which also means more Spirits!I will try my best to connect with as many clients in the room as possible. however, with the limited time and the Spirits having their own agenda, I have no guarantee that everybody in the room will be read.


Invitees + Me + Spirits

Wanna invite a medium to your next party? Perhaps a Halloween party? Contact me today and we can figure out a fun way to giving healing and loving messages to your invitees!

Frequently Asked Questions


All mediums are psychics but not all psychics are mediums. Psychics connect with physical energy and receive information through their lower chakras, hence relying on their "gut feelings." Mediums connect with spiritual energy and use the upper chakras to communicate with spirits and receive information directly from spirits. Mediums are not better than psychics as these are two distinctly different ways to connect and tune into energy. 

Visit my FAQ page to answer more of your questions! 


 Call or Text: 310.525.7556

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