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Visitation Dreams: Why and How it Happens

Ever have that experience where you're walking along the beach with your loved one, interacting and exchanging few words, hearing the same old voice that you always hear, feeling the tightness of the embrace as the arms wrap around you, feeling the love, as you take a sudden deep breath and BOOM! you're lying on your bed, in your dark room, alone, and quiet. Realizing that it was ALL just a dream. Your loved one in that dream has been deceased for years and you have been missing the physical presence that you used to take for granted. Yet, you know in your heart, what you felt with your 5 senses were real and you cannot help but feel the love, reassurance, and peace. You remember in detail the dream that you just had. Even after days, months, and years go by. You aren't the only one who has these dreams. More often than not, when I do readings with my clients, they tell me in detail about a dream that they had with their deceased loved ones. Some feel weirded out by this experience but fear not! These dreams are completely normal and real.

Whether you saw one of your family members, friends, or even perhaps a furry friend that have passed away, these dreams are called visitation dreams.


Why are Spirits visiting in my dreams?

Spirits tend to appear in your dreams to give you a sense of reassurance and that all is well. In the interaction that you had with Spirit during the visitation, your loved one might tell you an important message for you or perhaps to pass it along to someone you know such as your family members and friends. They might even give you a heads up on what might happen in the near future!

In any case, don't ever just brush it off like it was any old dream that you have on the daily basis. Spirits use A LOT of energy to bring their energy down to you, where you can then experience the visitation.


How are Spirits entering my dreams?

When you are awake, your consciousness is activated, along with your subconsciousness. However, when you sleep, your consciousness subsides, allowing the subconsciousness to be more freely accessed by the human brain. As all your doubts, worries, and real life issues dwindle in your sleep, Spirits are able to easily communicate without your conscious brain doubting the experience.

Believe it or not, all day, everyday, you are constantly bombarded by signs and messages from your loved ones. However, since our human brain is regularly hyper focused on the day-to-day "reality" of life (oh, gotta go grocery shopping, don't forget to pick up cake for the party, call the vet for an appointment, so on and so forth), no matter how many signs Spirits may throw at you, if you are not receptive to them, how else can Spirits deliver messages to you? Oh yeah! Maybe when you're sleeping at night when all the resistance has faded away for couple of hours!

I'm pretty sure many of you have at least experienced one visitation dream, if not more, and for those who cannot recall, that's OK. Remember, Spirits will never leave you. No matter how skeptic you are, Spirits are always watching over you and your loved ones, without judgement. Perhaps when you go to sleep tonight, talk to your loved ones on the other side, like you usually do. You might get a pleasant surprise visit from your loved ones that you haven't spoken in years! Never underestimate the power of spirits!

Oh! and one more thing... Make sure you THANK the spirit when you wake up after visiting you! They made quite an effort visiting you! Had any visitation dreams that you want to share? I would LOVE to read about it!