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Six Common Signs Spirits Are Always With You

As spirits transition to the other side, one of the familiar methods of them keeping in contact with those left behind in the physical world are by sending you messages via signs, that all is well and that there is nothing to worry about. I am going to introduce to you SIX signs that you can keep an eye out so you can be assured that the signs you are receiving are indeed from those who have departed! By understanding the various signs that spirits and angels send you from the other side, the love bond is what further strengthens as they constantly reassure you with signs that embodies unconditional love.



Many people see repeating numbers, often glancing at the clock exactly at 11:11, or see other variations of numbers that are constantly thrown at you. Certain numbers may hold a special significance such as birthday and anniversary dates, or your lucky number. There are also messages behind the numbers that angels send to you from the other side. Consequently, they are called "angel numbers." Doreen Virtue has an amazing book called Angel Numbers 101 that is like a number dictionary that goes in-depth to the meanings and messages you are receiving. I also refer to this site by Joanne Walmsley that contains the significance of every single number from whopping 1-3300! It is quite amazing and a fun site to go to when you have certain sequential numbers that are repeatedly shown to you!

2. BUGS Yes, you read that right! BUGS! Butterflies, ladybugs, and dragonflies are only a fraction of myriad of bugs that may make an appearance in front of you! (Believe it or not, I've had flies as signs from a Spirit also! Eeek!) When seeing them remind you of a loved one, it's usually them that is sending you those signs! Trust your first instincts! The picture on the right is a photo of one of my bunnies, Petra, who passed away and showed me a sign that she never left my side by sending me a butterfly with her EXACT SAME markings! I am constantly baffled and surprised by the signs that Spirits on the other side can conjure up! You just can't make this up!


Ever find feathers on the side of the street? Well, that isn't coincidence either! In fact, different colored feathers have different meanings! The most common ones are white ones, also referred to (consequently) "angel feathers." It's just a reminder and a message from the angels and spirits that you are indeed on the right path. I have inserted a poster by Melanie Beckler from that is beautifully put together and I always personally refer to! Also, if you click on the image below, it will lead you to her blog post that explains all about the meanings of finding different colored feathers!

4. BIRDS In close relation to feathers, birds are another beautiful sign that one can receive from the other side. Any animal that soars through air is closely associated with Spirits due to their airiness; and they appear out of nowhere and disappear swiftly, like a Spirit! Red cardinals are best known as the messengers from Spirit. Along with hummingbirds, doves, and blue jays, they are just some of the common birds people associate with their loved ones. Seeing the images of birds perhaps on a car decal or even while watching TV are also signs! It doesn't necessarily have to be a physical bird in front of you! (Although it can be!)

5. MONEY Money, money, moneyyyyyy!!! Who doesn't want more moneyyyyyy?!?!?! Believe it or not, finding loose change such as pennies and dimes are from heaven! Like all the other signs, it's just a spirit's way of saying "Hello! I'm here!" The image on the right is when I went to see a performance and I ended up sitting in seat 111 (of course) and luckily, found 11 cents behind my seat! Yes, spirits will begin to shout in your face in such a way to get your attention! I have yet to find a $100 bill though... Spirits, GET ON IT! 😉

6. MUSIC You might be driving in your car and perhaps a song that you used to listen with your loved ones comes on the radio or you might hear a song in a store that happens to have some significance with a memory related to your loved ones. It's a SIGN!!! Spirits want you to remember about them and cherish those great memories you had with them! And with that, I am going to be leaving you with Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's rendition of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." Whenever this song comes up, whether by different artist or not, I know in my heart that Spirits are reassuring me that they are all safe and sound on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge! 🌈


Remember, there are no such thing as coincidences. Each and every day, you are bombarded by signs and they are meticulously orchestrated by Spirits but the question is, how much are you going to ignore and consider it as just a "coincidence" or realize that it is from Spirits to assure you that all is well on the other side? Once you begin seeing these signs, more and more inexplicable experiences will occur. Make sure every time you encounter a sign from Spirits, thank them for orchestrating the sign to appear at a perfect timing! Though it may seem such a subtle thing to you, coordinating such signs to appear in front of you is not-so-easy task for the other side! What signs do YOU receive from Spirits? Have any interesting signs and/or stories you want to share regarding signs form spirits? Be sure to comment below!

Keep flying high!

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