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FIVE MUST-HAVE Crystals: A Beginner's Guide

So you have lately been interested in buying some crystals, perhaps due to a bohemian trend or just plain interested in them, but don't know where to start? Well, you have come to the right spot! I have listed FIVE (not 10... or 20... but FIVE) must-have crystals for (what may become) your crystal collection!

There are thousands of different kinds of crystals and stones out there and the crystals I am about to list will not do justice to the others out there that aids in myriads of ailments, addiction, anxiety, etc. (I honestly debated for HOURS on the top 5 to list here. There are simply far too many crystals and stones and far too many great things each of them can do!) Also, keep in mind that different people will have different opinions about "their" top 5 crystals that I am not saying these are the "right" top 5 crystals.

However, to start you off, I think they are great because each crystal touches base with different aspects of our lives that we all go through and personally have enjoyed their energy as well.


1. Clear Quartz: Amplifier

If you are going to get ONLY ONE of the 5 listed here on this post, GET CLEAR QUARTZ. They are the most versatile crystal of all the crystals out there and simply put, it is the "master crystal." Having the ability to amplify energetic vibrations due to the hexagon (6-sided) shaped point, it is also enhances and strengthens your aura whenever you feel your energy is low. Place the crystal on any part of your body that needs some healing and allow the vibration of the crystal to do its work! Another great thing about clear quartz is that it works in clearing and aligning all and any of the 7 chakras! Talk about versatility!


2. Black Tourmaline: Protection

It may look like a lump of coal but I assure you, it's a crystal you definitely want to have in your pocket at all times. It is known best as a protection stone, black tourmaline deflect negative energies and psychic attacks, transforming the dense energy surrounding you to a higher vibration. Another great use is for grounding yourself whenever you feel unfocused and spaced out. We've all had those days when we almost feel like we are having a sort of an out-of-body experience, constantly confused and ungrounded, right? That's when I hold a black tourmaline and PLUMP! you feel your body making a safe landing on Mother Earth! Associated with the root/base chakra, if you are having any issues with your immune system, colon, or (in men) prostate, that is another reason to get the black tourmaline!


3. Rose Quartz: Unconditional Love

As the name implies, rose quartz is in the quartz family, hence it vibrates at a higher level than any other crystals. Best known for the soft and loving energy that it emits, rose quartz is a crystal for healing and attracting love in all aspects of our lives, such as self-love, romantic love, and love for friends and family. Rose quartz is piezoelectric, meaning that they emit longitudinal EMF waves that heal and restore the proper bio-electric functions of the human body, healing ailments associated with heart, lungs, thymus gland, and also breasts. Cancer patients can benefit from rose quartz as they are known to help cure and support not just breast cancer but all kinds of cancer. As a motherly and nurturing energy, it is great for women who are undergoing pregnancy and helps soothe the entire experience. Overall, it is THE crystal you want to get if you want to incorporate giving and receiving love! As Jackie DeShannon sings, "Put a little love in your heart!!!"


4. Amethyst: Inner Peace

Perhaps the most beloved crystal by many, the purple-hued crystal points are both beautiful and soothing to look at. Derived from the Greek word ametusthos, meaning sober, amethyst has been known as the "Stone of Sobriety," aiding in various addictive habits, both physically and emotionally. Believed to target the pituitary gland, it relieves headaches, depression, and many other mental illnesses. Living in this fast-paced and stressful world, amethyst's soothing quality eases the anxiety and calms the mind. Especially for those who have spiritual gifts, it stimulates the third eye/brow chakra and the crown chakra, allowing a stronger connection to the Divine energy, thus opening up to new insights and guidance.


5. Tiger's Eye: Empowerment

Whether you are a crystal person or not, it's a crystal that is just simply mesmerizing with the "flash" that you see when you view the crystal at a particular angle, also known as chatoyancy. Tiger's eye was often carried by Ancient Roman soldiers as an amulet when going to war to help calm the mind and concentrate, embracing the true heart of a tiger. It is a crystal that benefits the solar plexus chakra, boosting one's creativity and is most revered for healing bones! Just place tiger's eye on any broken bone for faster healing! Also known to bring good fortune and prosperity in one's life, tiger's eye is one crystal you don't wanna miss out! (I mean, who doesn't want a crystal that brings them more money and good relationships? Hello?!?!)


Well folks, that is my TOP 5 must-have crystals!

Of course, as I mentioned above, these are only the tip of the tip of the iceberg! There are tons more crystals and stones beneficial to various aspects of your life that needs a little boost! For example, yellow jasper is a crystal that radiates positive energy and boosts self-confidence, moonstone is great if you are a traveler or have issues with sleeping at night, ammonite is the one to get for those who get caught up in the hectic lifestyle by providing balance and framework in one's life, I mean, I can sit here and type all day long!

ONE LAST IMPORTANT THING I MUST ADD TO THIS POST is when selecting crystals or stones of your choice.

Hold the crystal in your hand. Feel the vibration. Does it feel good or bad? If you are feeling an uneasiness in your gut when you hold it,


I rarely buy crystals online because I like to touch it and feel the vibration of each of the crystals.

Let the crystals speak to you. They have an ability to talk to you vibrationally.

One of them may not feel good but another one next to it may feel GREAT! I always see it as like adopting a pet! It may work great with one person but that doesn't mean that it works with everybody.

As you look around the store, you may feel a pull to different kinds of crystals.

Trust it.

It may be a sign that your body is in need of a particular vibration that might help you in unexpected ways.

For those who may already have some collection of crystals and stones, do you have a favorite crystal or stone that is on YOUR top 5? Feel free to comment below and share your experiences!

LASTLY, as I conclude this post, I am prompted by my spirit guides to leave you with Jackie DeShannon's "Put a Little Love in Your Heart." Because, why not?!?! Plus, we need a little more love in this world! 💕

Keep flying high!

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