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Five End-of-the-Year Rituals to Ring in the New Year!

Can I just say, "WHEW! WHAT A CRAZY YEAR 2017 HAS BEEN?!?!?!" Holy cow. It went by so quick, yet so many things have happened, good things and bad things, HUGE shifts happening to every aspect of our lives, transformations right and left, and let's just say, the person who I was on January 1, 2017 is a completely different person than the person behind the screen typing this blog.

Now, these are couple of rituals that I always do as we wrap up the year and start anew! So join me in starting 2018 right!

1) Cleaning Your House / Room Clearing physical things that surround you is a great start! We tend to accumulate so many things through out the year, it's time to clear them out! (I am totally guilty of just having sooo much clutter so you're not the only one! I promise!) Even through lame excuses of not having enough time in the day, just start by finding 10 things to clear out right now, large or small! GO! GO! GO! Feel a little lighter? Good! Now go do some more! Dust off the dust that has accumulated in 2017 and welcome 2018 with a clean house!

2) Smudging After you have cleared out the physical things around you, it is now time to clear out the energy around you! I usually start off by smudging with sage to clear out the negative energy, followed by sweet grass to bring in positive vibes and good fortune! To learn how to smudge a space yourself, be sure to check out my blog post, Cleanse Your Body and Space with the Art of Smudging, where it shows step-by-step instructions toward a light-filled room! ✨