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Finding Peace in a Chaotic World

Recently found this Instagrammer @sarah.smiles9, who creates stunning images and art with flowers, leaves, and things found in Mother Nature. The beautiful peace image above was created by her! She also does custom imagery for you! Go check her out when you have a moment!

During your little break, since you have nothing really productive to do during that short amount of time, you decide to go on social media. Like. Like. OMG! LOL! Like. Share. Like. Like. As you scroll down, a post catches your eye. Someone posted some horrifying news that sends you on a frenzy of outrage. Not an uncommon sight these days with advancing technology that allows people around the world to receive news in matter of seconds, as they happen. As you observe these news on social media, TV, internet, etc., you begin to wonder, even advocate, for world peace. But then, where can you find peace in the first place? In the mountains? (No.) By the ocean? (No.) Perhaps in your own home? (Good one! But no.) The desert? (Try again!) Virginia? (Nope.) Antarctica? (... or a continent! Not on this planet or anywhere else in the Universe for that matter!)

So where the heck can I find this "peace"? What if peace was somewhere closer? A LOT closer. What if I told you, the peace you were looking for all along, isn't in a "location" Siri can pinpoint for you, but in a person, like the person currently reading these exact words? What if peace resides within YOU? Yes, YOU.

There is a part of you that is always peaceful at any given time and situation. However, we have this habitual tendency that allows the conditions that surrounds us to dictate whether we are peaceful or not.

I will be the first to say that it's not an easy thing to do, to just suddenly be peaceful from a place of observing turmoil that goes around the world. We have trained ourselves, for however-many-years you have been alive, to react to whatever that is presented before us to be the reality and fear for the 1,000 ways for us to suffer and eventually die, in our minds, of course. Those fears surrounding what "could" or "may" happen, is only giving power to the future, which you have absolutely no control over. Through these emotions of fear, peace cannot reside in the same room. You see, peace only comes when you are focused in the present moment. Regretting the past or fearing for the future only shuts the door in Peace's face.

As you begin to invite peace into your mind by being connected to the present moment more often, you will begin to notice that you have the option, in any given situation that life throws at you, to react with outrage or peace. Reacting to any situation with outrage only amplifies the situation and thus amplifying the powerlessness that you feel within. Now imagine with me here. Given the same situation but when reacting with peace, a calming energy is introduced into the mix, giving you an immense leverage to help slow down and eventually end the what-could-have-potentially-been a turbulent situation.

Can you feel your power in that latter situation? YOU hold the power to transmute all the chaos in this world into peace. Isn't it crazy to know that YOU actually hold that power? Not your parents, not your spiritual friends, not even God, but YOU.

When confronted with hatred, it is only logical in your human brain to react with hatred, sort of an eye-for-an-eye type of thing. Hence, the turmoil and hatred in the world increases. You believe, by protesting against hatred and advocating for peace, that you are spreading the peace. I am not saying that you are wrong to advocate for peace, BUT, if you are justifying why you should deserve the love and peace from others, you are actually advocating for hatred. So, before you even begin to inform everybody that peace is the way to go (which again, is not incorrect), go within. Quiet your mind. Breathe. Invite Peace into your space. As you begin to find peace within yourself and become the example of what peace is all about, you will naturally start to emanate the peace around you. It is my pinky promise (the strongest promise of all) to you that the world around you will begin to shape in a way never thought possible and in turn, you have helped speed up the process of world peace and enabled the expansion of mass consciousness to a higher vibrating plane.

This week, I leave you with Pentatonix's cover of John Lennon's famous song, "Imagine." Such a timeless classic that transcends generations and the message of what CAN happen when you put aside the differences and come together as one. Pentatonix is one group that embodies the different race, gender, religion, and voice that can come together to harness the power within by complimenting each other.

All the non-physical entities and I know that each and every one of you who have read this blog post have the ability to transform the world. Even for taking your time reading this (Thank you very much!), you have elevated your vibration higher than ever before. We do not have a sliver of doubt that each of you have the ability to bring the world into a higher vibrating, peaceful state.

The question is...

Do YOU have faith in YOURSELF?

Keep flying high!

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