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Cosmic Events of Astronomical Proportions: August 2017

If you feel like you are in a tornado, being spun around and not knowing what in the world is happening around you this month of August, don't worry, you aren't the only one! And I just might have the answer for you!

But... before we start... can we just acknowledge this AH-MAZING photograph of the Milky Way? It reminds me of how VAST this Universe is and the evolving beauty the Universe constantly yields to each and every one of us. Oh, and did I mention that my friend, Isaac, took this photograph? When you have a moment, PLEASE check out his Instagram @visualheuristic. His photographs are both stunning and otherworldly, perfectly capturing the connection between Earth, the Universe, and the flow of Life, all in one photo! You will not regret it! Now... back to the answer!

So, just this month, we had a lunar eclipse on August 7th, and then a Mercury Retrograde that began on August 12th and will continue on through September 5th, along with Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, ALL going in retrograde from August 12th through the 25th (I know, what the heck y'all?) and if that wasn't enough, a total solar eclipse that EVERYONE is talking about will sweep across the entire North America on MONDAY! Talk about insane energy!

* Side Note: In case you were wondering (no judgment here!), a lunar eclipse is when the Earth casts a shadow on the Moon and happens at nighttime where as a solar eclipse is when the Moon blocks the sunlight during the day. (It's always good to "clarify" for friends who might be a bit confused. 😉)

Lunar eclipses in general are especially an emotional time for us. Old memories may arise during this time and certain aspects of your life may come to a final end. All kinds of relationships — whether that is a personal relationship with your own self, a romantic relationship with your significant other, and/or work relationship with your boss, co-worker, etc. — will be emphasized during this time also.

When Mercury is in retrograde, life feels like a chaotic mess. Things tend to stop working in your favor. And with Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, ALL deciding this is a perfect time to join the retrograde party, what really can go wrong? Like with any party, more people = more energy. So with 5 (YES, FIVE) planets all retrograding, expect things to... well... take a "little break." Communication devices are affected, resulting in miscommunication. Traveling is also not recommended during this time. Basically, during this little-bit-over-3-weeks-or-so period, anything that doesn't happen in your favor, just blame it on Mercury Retrograde (plus the 5 others that are in the bandwagon!). So just hang on tight! It's gonna be a wild one but YOU WILL SURVIVE! LASTLY, the solar eclipse that everyone is waiting for! THE GREAT AMERICAN ECLIPSE! It is the time of transformation and new beginnings in your life, bringing new opportunities! (Finally, some good news!) Since this energy is particularly intense, you'll feel the residue of the energy even until November, perhaps until the end of this year! With every new beginning, there's always an end, which was what the lunar eclipse was all about! Below is the time map of the solar eclipse that is happening if you weren't somehow aware by now! I have linked the image to the official NASA Eclipse Website where you can also download this image for FREE and you can get a better look, as I understand the image below is a little bit too small for me also!

*IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE: Make sure you use protective viewing glasses! There are some "fake" ones going around online so please be aware! Otherwise, enjoy with 'em new stunna shades on! 😎

As you can see, this month of August has just been a month of energetic "shift" that is happening in our lives. Things ending, chaos, and a birth of new beginnings amidst the chaos.

During this time, it is best to just relax and chill. Read a book! Meditate! Take it as a sign from the Universe to take a break! We all get waddled up in electronics and work and family and and and! It never ends, does it? I completely understand as I am that type of person who likes to overload himself with everything possible, stress out, and have a mental breakdown. So I remind myself...

just breathe.

See it this way. From all this chaos, clarity is born. And through clarity, alignment is only the next step in achieving the life that you always wanted.

So in the meantime, (is this becoming a trend or something?) I leave you with Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive," live on The Midnight Special from 1979 (wayyy long before I was even remotely manifested into this world). Back in the day when cellphones were not the norm, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, you name it, didn't exist. See how the people are just enjoying the moment? So for the next 5:05 minutes, just enjoy the music and dance around with Gloria (you know you want to!), and don't miss out on the fabulous chest popping done by the guy in the white t-shirt at 3:33! If you listen closely to the lyrics, I cannot help but think she must be talking about Mercury Retrograde...? "Now you're back"? "From OUTER SPACE"? You be the judge.

and REMEMBER... all is well.

Keep flying high!

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